Why Your New Pup Should Get The Bordetella Vaccine

If you have recently adopted a new puppy, then you will need to have your dog vaccinated. There are a number of vaccines that are considered essential, and these include distemper, rabies, parvovirus, and hepatitis. These vaccines will be provided to your canine on a vaccination schedule that begins when your puppy is six to eight weeks old. There are some suggested or optional vaccines outside of the core or essential ones. [Read More]

When Your Pet Is In Poor Health: Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

If your beloved pet is dealing with old age or an illness, you're in quite a predicament emotionally. You'll have to play the role of medical observer and care attendant as you deal with your breaking heart. The following questions and answers should help you through this tender process. How Old Is Your Pet? Although age may be an obvious factor in determining if your pet is nearing the end, it's not always completely cut and dry. [Read More]

Thinking About Adopting a Chihuahua? 2 Things to Consider When You Take Them Outdoors

If you're adopting a Chihuahua soon, there are things you should know beforehand in order to keep the dog safe. Chihuahua, or Chi, are some of the smallest toy dog breeds today. It's important to keep your adopted Chi safe from birds of prey and extreme weather changes if you decide to take your dog for walks or allow it to play outside. Here are things to keep in mind when adopting and caring for a Chihuahua. [Read More]

Understanding And Treating Your Dog's Arthritis

Bringing a dog into your home is exciting, but many people are not ready for the physical, emotional, and financial responsibilities that are necessary to care for this new family member. From feeding and grooming to training and vaccinating, it is easy to see the challenges of keeping your dog healthy and happy. Even with proper care, your dog may develop painful conditions that limit their mobility as they age. Since 20 percent of middle-aged dogs and 90 percent of senior dogs develop osteoarthritis, understanding this joint disorder is key to maintaining your own dog's health and wellness. [Read More]