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When Medications Aren't Enough For Your Pet, Acpuncture Can Help

Whether your dog is suffering from arthritis or they had a recent injury, pain medications may not be enough to control their pain. Many people use acupuncture for chronic pain conditions that aren't managed effectively with pain medications alone, and this has led to veterinarians trying acupuncture on pets to see if it helps. Acupuncture is thousands of years old, and it helps promote circulation and allows the body to heal naturally. Acupuncture has proven effective for breakthrough pain, and is often used as an add-on therapy when a person is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. The goal of acupuncture is to restore the natural balance of the body, allowing it to heal.

Arthritis Treatment and Your Dog

While some dogs respond well to arthritis medications, others don't. If your dog continues to be in pain while taking arthritis medication, your veterinarian may suggest acupuncture instead of additional medications. If your dog is older, they may not be able to handle more aggressive treatment with medications. Acupuncture is a painless therapy to try that will have no adverse side effects. You will know pretty quickly if your dog is responding to acupuncture treatment if they become more lively once treatment is over.

Pain Reduction After Surgery

It can be difficult to control the pain of your dog, as they aren't able to tell you when the pain is creeping back. If your pet has recently had surgery and pain medications are making them sleep constantly, you can try easing up on the medication and adding in acupuncture. An acupuncturist who provides services for pets will focus on acupuncture points that reduce inflammation and pain if your dog recently had surgery. In addition, the acupuncturist will be able to stimulate points for all-over healing.

When Your Dog Is Lethargic

If your dog isn't behaving normally, it's important to first have your dog assessed by a veterinarian. If the problem is old age and a reduced ability to heal, an acupuncturist may be able to help your dog. With treatment designed to stimulate healing, your dog will feel an overall benefit from the acupuncture treatment. It may take several treatments for you to see a significant improvement in your pet.

Acupuncture isn't going to hurt your pet, and it's always worth trying when pain or old age is stopping your pet from moving around freely. Acupuncture is an effective tool for people to manage pain and reduce overall stiffness, and it can be as useful for your pet. To learn more, contact a location like the Downing Center For Animal Pain Management.