Understanding And Treating Your Dog's Arthritis

Bringing a dog into your home is exciting, but many people are not ready for the physical, emotional, and financial responsibilities that are necessary to care for this new family member. From feeding and grooming to training and vaccinating, it is easy to see the challenges of keeping your dog healthy and happy. Even with proper care, your dog may develop painful conditions that limit their mobility as they age. Since 20 percent of middle-aged dogs and 90 percent of senior dogs develop osteoarthritis, understanding this joint disorder is key to maintaining your own dog's health and wellness. [Read More]

Considering LGDs To Keep Your Farm Safe From Predators? Use These Tips To Keep Working Dogs Healthy & On The Job

Keeping farm animals such as sheep, cattle, poultry and goats safe from predators can take more time than a busy farmer has to spare. Even worse is if the farm family is often away from the farm during the day while working or attending school. Coyotes, foxes and other predators can take advantage of times when the farm is unprotected to kill young or otherwise vulnerable farm animals. Once they succeed in taking an easy meal, they will return often. [Read More]