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3 Reasons To Have Your Pets Spayed Or Neutered

One of the most important procedures you can have done on your pet is to have him or her neutered or spayed, mostly because of the various issues that it can help you avoid in the future. Listed below are three reasons to have your pets spayed or neutered.

Prevent Damage To Your Property

One of the biggest reasons to have your pets spayed or neutered is that it can help you prevent damage to your property. For example, if you have your cat neutered, he will be much less likely to want to mark territory in your home by urinating on it or spraying on it. As a result, you will be able to avoid any nasty damage to your furniture or carpets, which is extremely useful if you live in a rental home.

Neutering your male dog is also a great way to prevent damage to your property because he will likely be much less aggressive, particularly during that time of year when female dogs are going into heat. Since your dog will be much less aggressive, he will be much less likely to damage your property by trying to get out or by digging into your yard in order to attempt an escape so that he can reach a female dog in heat.

Prevent Your Pet From Escaping

Another important reason to have your pets spayed or neutered is that it will greatly restrict their desire to roam around the neighborhood. In many cases, simply having your cats or dogs fixed will also potentially eliminate their desire to get out of your house or property entirely.

This is extremely beneficial because when cats and dogs end up escaping your property, there is an increased chance they will have a run in with a diseased animal, aggressive animal, vehicle, or even be captured by the local animal control service. This can result in hefty fines or medical bills and can even result in you potentially never seeing your pet again because he or she was struck by a vehicle or simply became lost and couldn't find his or her way home.

Prevent Disease

Finally, having your pets spayed or neutered can greatly reduce the chances of your pet developing a potentially fatal disease. For example, spaying a female dog will actually greatly reduce the chances of her getting breast cancer, which is a very common killer of female dogs.

In addition, if you neuter a male dog, you greatly reduce the chances that he will develop testicular cancer. This will result in you not only getting to keep your beloved pet around for much longer but it also reduces the chances that you will potentially have to pay a lot of money for veterinary care if your pets were to develop one of those potentially fatal diseases.

Make an appointment with your local vet today in order to discuss the various benefits that spaying and neutering your pets can have while also setting up an appointment to have your dog checked out and fixed. You should have your pets spayed or neutered in order to prevent damage to your property, prevent your pet from escaping, and prevent a number of different diseases.