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3 Reasons to Adopt Adult Dogs or Cats Instead of Puppies and Kittens

Are you thinking about adopting a new pet soon? Have you been planning to pick out the perfect puppy or kitten? Although puppies and kittens can be adorable, there are plenty of adult dogs and cats that are in need of good homes as well. Instead of just choosing a pet for how cute it is, there are other factors that you should be taking into consideration. Some of the best reasons why you might want to choose an adult pet over a young one are: 

Known personality: It can be difficult to tell how a pet will behave when it grows up. It may be energetic and playful now, only to mellow out and become extremely calm as it gets older. If you have children or other pets, everyone may get along at first, only to have the new pet become grouchy once it starts to age. This could result in fights between your pets that result in a hurried trip to the veterinarian for stitches or other treatment. If you're adopting an older pet with a personality that is already established and that is known fairly well, you'll be told up front whether or not the pet is likely to do well in your current household.

Less destruction: Puppies and kittens both chew on and get into practically everything. If you adopt a puppy, you'll have no idea whether or not he or she will do things like chewing up your laptop cord, gnawing on hazardous plants, and playing with other potentially expensive and dangerous items. Kittens can also chew on things but are more likely to start shredding furniture instead of using their scratching post. If you want to try to avoid having to make an emergency trip to the vet as a result of your pet getting into something that he or she shouldn't, an adult dog or cat may be better for you.

Full size:  When you look at a puppy or kitten, it can be difficult to comprehend just how large he or she will get. Your veterinarian may tell you that your pet will be 10 pounds or 50 pounds when it grows up, but by adopting a full-grown pet, you'll be able to tell right away that your new furry friend isn't going to be too big for your house or apartment. 

To learn more about the benefits of adopting an adult pet, talk to veterinarians at facilities like Northwest Animal Hospital.