Finding The Right Veterinarian

4 Reasons To Meet With Your Vet After Adopting A Kitten

Adopting a kitten can mean major changes at home, especially if this is your first cat. Whether you're an experienced cat owner or not, you may be unsure what steps to take once they come home. Instead of assuming they're in perfect health and won't need a vet visit until something urgent arises, consider the multiple reasons to visit a vet clinic. 

Assess Your Cat's Health

While it's easy to assume your kitten is in excellent health due to them being so young, this may not always be the case. Visiting the vet is a surefire way to discuss their health and any concerns you may have. From checking for fleas to diagnosing something as simple as sneezing, the vet will perform a wellness exam to ensure that your kitten is in good health and take care of diagnosis and treatments. 

Schedule Vaccines

Young kittens will need a range of different vaccinations after they're adopted. Even if your kitten received some vaccines at the shelter or their previous home, there's likely more you'll need to have scheduled. Instead of assuming your kitten has been vaccinated fully, a visit to the vet can make it easy to determine what your kitten needs and make a schedule that's easy to follow. 

Get Microchipping Done

Having your kitten microchipped is one of the most effective ways of having them returned to you if they ever get lost. Even with a collar, there's always the chance that it becomes loose or snaps off. With microchipping done, your phone number will be registered into a database and can be scanned at any shelter or vet clinic. 

This easy service can make it much more likely that you're contacted if your kitten is ever lost. 

Discuss a Diet Plan

After adopting a kitten, you may have a lot of questions about proper cat care and how you can be the best pet parent possible. Your kitten's diet can play a large part in their overall health, making it a good idea to discuss a diet plan in advance. Your vet can give you recommendations over what food to feed and how much to ensure that they're healthy as they grow up. 

Visiting a veterinarian shortly after adopting your kitten can be helpful in many ways. While you may be tempted to wait to visit the vet due to the cost, a preventive visit and exam will allow you to discuss any concerns and get advice ideal for your kitten.