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Cat Grooming Tips For Your Feisty Cat

If you have a cat in your life that exhibits challenging behaviors, you know that trying to groom your cat can be quite difficult. However, you also know that you want your cat to be as healthy and comfortable as possible which can require some assistance from a human at times. Get to know some of the important facts about cat grooming services that can help you to keep your feisty cat looking and feeling healthy.

Veterinarians Are Better Equipped to Deal with Cat Behaviors

If you have a cat that is particularly opposed to allowing you or anyone else to groom their fur, trim their nails, clean their ears, or perform any other grooming and maintenance tasks, their behaviors in such a situation may be more than you can handle.

A cat that begins to claw and bite and otherwise go wild when somebody tries to groom them needs veterinary experts that are adept at dealing with all of these behaviors. Veterinary techs can work together to keep your cat still and unable to bite or injure themselves or someone else.

Most veterinary offices also have thick leather gloves, like those used by bird handlers, that your cat will not be able to puncture. This can make the grooming process safer and easier for everyone involved.

Your Cat May Require Sedation for Grooming

Cats will be cats and some are much more high-strung than others. If your cat is one of those that is high-strung, don't worry, you can still get them groomed. It just might take an extra step, that being sedation.

There are different types of sedation that your veterinarian may want to try for your cat when you bring them in for grooming. The first option would be to give them an oral medication at home a few hours before you bring them in.

This form of sedation involves mild to moderate anti-anxiety medications much like those that humans would take for panic attacks. If this form of sedation works properly, your cat will be conscious through grooming but will be easier to manage and will experience less stress throughout the process.

Some Cats Require Full Anesthesia

However, for some cats, the sedation provided by anti-anxiety medications is not enough to keep them calm in a situation that causes them distress. For a cat with greater anxiety, full anesthesia may be necessary for grooming services.

While you may think this is extreme or feel embarrassed that your cat needs so much work, it is actually quite common in felines. In such a case, you will need to leave your cat with the veterinarian for several hours as you would if they were having surgery.

This is because your veterinarian will put the cat under anesthesia, perform the grooming services, and then monitor your cat as they come out of anesthesia to ensure there are no complications.

Add on Dental Services

If your cat is going to be sedated or go under anesthesia for basic grooming service, you may want to also have their teeth examined and cleaned as well. Most cats are not keen on having their mouths pried open or messed with but dental care is important.

As such, when sedation and/or anesthesia is administered anyway for grooming, you may as well add on those oral health services to avoid putting your cat through extra medication and stress. Your cat's oral health, as well as their nails, ears, and coat, will be healthier as a result.

With this information in mind, you can be sure that you contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to schedule your cat's grooming appointment.